How to improve an EPC rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’.

EPC rating 'F'

If, when we have assessed a building, the EPC rating is only an ‘F’ or ‘G’, the building becomes unlawful to let. This rating is bad news to a Landlord as it means there will be no income until the building has been improved.

Equally, if the building’s Freehold was being Sold, then the buyer would not be able to raise finance, as technically, the building would not be able to produce an income to satisfy a Lender.

We recently carried out an EPC on a third-floor office suite, and unfortunately, the result was an’ F’ Rating. However, we were able to remodel the building in our software with different scenarios involving heating and lighting, to show the Landlord the most cost-effective way to improve the suite to an acceptable rating.

With being able to remodel the building in this way, the Landlord chose that the best and cheapest option, which was to replace some of the lighting with LED units. This work showed that with minimal cost, the EPC would be improved to an ‘E’ rating. We instructed an electrician to provide a schedule of works to the client.

Please contact us for an EPC assessment and find out how we can help you improve your EPC rating.