EPC assessment on commercial premises

FAQs – EPC commercial & domestic

What is a Domestic EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. It is a certificate produced by assessing the energy efficiency of a property.

How long is a Domestic EPC valid?

An EPC is valid for 10 years. It would require updating within this period if any changes or improvements are made to the property which would affect the energy rating e.g. extensions, new boiler etc.

Is it a legal requirement?

Yes. An EPC is required when selling or renting a property. If a property is rented it is now a legal requirement the rating achieved is E or above.

What does the survey entail?

During the onsite survey the assessor with take details of the following:

  • Measurements of the property to calculate the overall area.
  • Habitable room count and unheated areas.
  • Loft conversions, extensions, and conservatories.
  • Space/water heating system incl. boiler, water cylinder, radiators, controls, open fires etc.
  • Wall/roof/floor construction and insulation.
  • Window construction and glazing type.
  • Lighting e.g. number of low energy lightbulbs.
  • Renewable energy instillations e.g. solar or PV cells
  • Gas, Electric, oil or LPG utilities.

How long does an EPC take?

The onsite survey usually takes between 25 mins to 1 hour depending on the size and complexity of the property.

Your EPC certificate can be lodged onto the government website and released within 24 hours once payment has been received.

If instructed, the certificate will be emailed direct to estate agents and solicitors.

How do I arrange this?

Contact us via the website contact form, email: info@skyline-epc.com telephone: 01273 458484

We can arrange the appointment with property owner, tenant, agent or solicitor as appropriate.

FAQs – Non-Domestic (Commercial) EPC

What is a Non-Domestic (Commercial) EPC?

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are energy surveys that determine how energy efficient a building or commercial premises is. The ratings on a commercial EPC start from G (least energy efficient), going up to an A for the most energy efficient building possible.

Do all Commercial Buildings need an EPC?

From October 2008, owners of all commercial buildings have to provide a Non-Domestic EPC when they Sell or Let commercial premises, these are also valid for 10 years. From April 2018 it became unlawful to Let or Sell a commercial building with an EPC Rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’, this also applies to Lease Renewals.

How do I know whether my building needs an EPC?

If you have a building (with a roof and walls) that uses energy to condition the indoor climate (i.e. has heating, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation) then you will require an EPC when it is sold or let. Parts of a building designed or altered to be used as separate accommodation may require their own EPC. The sale and let of commercial buildings can be complex with floors let to different tenants, and with a mixture of retail, office and residential accommodation. Skyline Energy Assessors will be pleased to advise you.

Are there circumstances where premises do not need an EPC?

Yes, EPCs are not required before the construction of a building is completed. Nor are thy required on the sale, rent or construction of: Places of Worship; Temporary Buildings with a planned time of use less than 2 years; Stand-alone Buildings with a total useful floor area of less than 50m2 that are not dwellings; Industrial sites, Workshops and Non-residential agricultural buildings with low energy demand.

What are the repercussions of not having an EPC?

The penalty for failing to make an EPC available to any prospective buyer or tenant when Selling, Letting or Renewing a Lease of commercial premises is fixed, in most cases, at 12.5% of the rateable value of the building, subject to a minimum penalty of £500 and a maximum of £5,000. There is a default penalty of £750 where the formula cannot be applied. A formula is used as the costs of producing an EPC for non-dwellings are expected to vary according to the size, complexity and use of the building. The EPC will still be required.

How much will a Commercial EPC cost?

The cost of a Commercial EPC is governed by the type, size and complexity of a building, also the type of heating and ventilation. A Commercial EPC quote from Skyline Energy Assessors can be provided quickly by entering details of the building in our contact form.

How can I keep the cost down of a Commercial EPC?

Providing scale floor plans of a building will significantly reduce the cost.

What is involved and how long will the site visit take?

Our Commercial Energy Assessor will start by drawing a scale plan of the building, including the measurement of windows. They will then collect data of the Construction, Lighting, Heating and Hot Water and any Insulation, photographic evidence will also be taken.

A small and simple Lock-up Shop or Industrial Unit may take 45-60 minutes. A larger Shop with multiple floors could take 1-2 hours and more complex multiple floor Office Buildings or large Industrial Units with offices could take several hours.

If you would like to discuss a commercial or domestic EPC, please call us on 01273 458484 or use our contact form.

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