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New Look EPC register and Energy Certificates

The Government has launched a new EPC register and Energy Certificates. Today, the Government is launching a new Central EPC Register for the Energy Performance of Buildings for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This will make a difference to how Energy Assessors work, and will also affect estate agents, solicitors, building control bodies and other … Continue reading “New Look EPC register and Energy Certificates”

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What is a Commercial EPC?

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is an energy survey that defines the energy efficiency of a building or commercial premises. The ratings for a commercial EPC start at G, the least energy-efficient evaluation, and go up to A, for a building which is the most efficient. Across the country, there is a wide range … Continue reading “What is a Commercial EPC?”

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How we produce Commercial EPCs

Firstly, there are three types of Commercial (Non-Domestic) EPCs for three different building levels. EPC for level 3 building A level 3 EPC is a simple property with basic heating or air conditioning. This would typically be your High Street shop with domestic use above or Office or Warehouse. EPC for level 4 building A … Continue reading “How we produce Commercial EPCs”

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How to improve an EPC rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’.

If, when we have assessed a building, the EPC rating is only an ‘F’ or ‘G’, the building becomes unlawful to let. This rating is bad news to a Landlord as it means there will be no income until the building has been improved. Equally, if the building’s Freehold was being Sold, then the buyer … Continue reading “How to improve an EPC rating of ‘F’ or ‘G’.”

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Commercial EPC inspections during the lockdown

Skyline Energy Assessors have been able to carry out a limited number of EPC site visits during Lockdown, by adhering to Safe Distancing and PPE. These visits have been in vacant or unstaffed commercial premises. To give an idea of the variety of different usage buildings that we see, I have mentioned them below. We … Continue reading “Commercial EPC inspections during the lockdown”

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Home moving: Government guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis

In the current COVID-19 situation it is good to have guidance issued to all stakeholders in the housing sector. The recommendations are that ‘if you can delay your home sale then you should’ and owners should ‘delay placing homes on the market’. These guidelines are particularly relevant to ourselves, as Energy Assessors and Surveyors and … Continue reading “Home moving: Government guidelines during the COVID-19 crisis”

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LED Lighting

LED Lighting – the best way to improve the EPC rating of your commercial or retail premises Significant savings can be made in commercial and industrial buildings if LED lighting is installed. Lighting is one of the highest consumers of energy and LED lighting is a much more environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution, using far less … Continue reading “LED Lighting”