Improving your building’s energy efficiency offers more than reduced bills

Energy efficiency

2021 is a vital year for climate action. With COP26 happening in the next few weeks, we thought we would explain how changing your lights to LEDs is not just a good investment for your property but also a way that your business can do something to help mitigate climate change.

Energy Efficiency

The biggest benefit of LED light bulbs is their energy efficiency. An LED bulb that uses 5 watts of power does the same job as a filament bulb that uses 40 watts.

On an energy rate of £0.19 per kWh, the LED light bulb would cost £19 over its lifetime (20,000 hours), whereas an incandescent bulb would cost £152 over the same period. And that is at today’s costs.

The long life and energy-saving qualities of LED lighting means that any business can save money by upgrading their incandescent and halogen lights thanks to their long lifespan and energy efficiency.

LED lights use 50% less electricity than incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options. When you consider how well-lit factory spaces need to be, and how long the lights have to stay on for a safe working environment, substantial savings can be made.

LEDs can also direct light to specific areas providing an additional reduction in wasted light and energy.

Commercial EPCs

When we assess commercial properties for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), landlords are provided with a recommendation how to make their premises more energy efficient. Commercial buildings with poor ratings can really benefit from changing over to LED lights which will frequently result in a substantial improvement to their energy-efficient valuation, as lighting is one of the highest energy consumers.

LED strip lights

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Lighting can account for up to 40% of total electricity costs, particularly if you are running a large storage unit such as a warehouse.

The single most significant saving a landlord or business owner can make to their electricity expenditure is generally a move to new energy-efficient commercial LED lighting.

For certain businesses, 40% grant funding is available through LoCASE towards the installation of energy efficiency measures. The grant can contribute to materials, equipment or installation.

The grants are available until 2023 across the south, including East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, Surrey, Kent, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Essex and the Isle of Wight.

  • Decreased overall power costs
  • LED lights have a much longer life span
  • Much lower maintenance
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Higher brightness
  • Better reliability
  • Directional lighting
  • Exceptional colour range

Although there are some initial high up-front costs to replace your existing lighting systems, taking advantage of available business grants while they are available, will also reduce your project costs.

Benefits to manufacturers

There are many physical ailments associated with poor lighting in factories, from migraines to eyestrain. Changing to LED lighting will improve the mood of your workforce, extend wakefulness, and improve productivity.

Lighting is an essential element in the workplace, and LED lighting provides control over colour temperature, and its wavelength has a quality akin to natural sunlight. This, in turn, will improve the energy levels of your workforce.

Positive results have seen manufacturers operate more safely, and more efficiently, ultimately producing better products and generating higher revenue. A tremendous benefit all round.

Building Energy Management Systems

BeMS is a computerised way of monitoring and managing a building’s performance to make it smarter and more efficient.

Managing the performance of your heating, lighting, security, air-conditioning, and ventilation gives you total control over the building’s environment. Different systems can be co-ordinated, and close monitoring will reduce your energy consumption further.

Building Energy Management Systems can be password protected, remote-controlled and pre-programmed for bank holidays.

If you would like to talk further about BeMS, we can supply you with further information.