LED Lighting

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LED Lighting – the best way to improve the EPC rating of your commercial or retail premises

Significant savings can be made in commercial and industrial buildings if LED lighting is installed. Using LEDs will improve your EPC rating substantially as lighting is one of the highest consumers of energy. This solution is environmentally-friendly and sustainable, using far less energy and extending lamp life.

A year ago, in September 2018, the final phase of the EU light lamp ban came into effect. This banned halogen lamps in all but specialist circumstances.

There is never a better time to reduce the running and maintenance costs of your buildings and, consider a change to LED lighting. In many cases, lighting can account for up to 40% of total electricity costs – this is particularly true of large storage units such as warehouses.

The energy savings made through using new energy-efficient commercial LED Lighting is the single most significant saving a business can make to their electricity expenditure.

Benefits of LED lighting systems:

  • Quick return on investment
  • Equivalent luminance at a lower cost
  • Lights that last longer
  • Lower energy usage
  • Improved ambience with dimmable mood lighting and flexible colour rendering
  • No ‘warm-up’ time as with Sodium or Metal Halide lighting
  • Suitable for use with presence controls

Intelligent controls

If intelligent controls are used, this will ensure that only the energy you need is used. Detection systems can sense movement as well as natural light so that your lighting can switch off automatically when areas are unoccupied and, during daylight hours.

All this can be managed through a straightforward interface when your LED lighting is installed. Intelligent controls are easy to use, reduce your energy usage and will improve the life of lamps. In addition, this will decrease maintenance costs and maintain optimum lighting levels. Staff productivity is likely to grow as a result of better working conditions and lighting levels, which are closer to daylight.

Have you considered a Building Energy Management System?

A Building Energy Management System is a computerised way of monitoring and managing the performance of a building’s services such as heating, lighting, security, ventilation and air-conditioning.

A BeMS can improve energy efficiency in your business and make them smarter and more efficient.

The benefits of BeMS include:

  • Co-ordination the operation of different systems
  • Total control over your building environment
  • The ability to monitor the building’s energy efficiency closely
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Online remote control with password protection
  • Pre-programming for bank holidays

If you would like to talk further about BeMS, please let us know, and we can supply you with further information.

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