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We are pleased to be one of the firms working with providers of the government’s ECO boiler replacement scheme. As part of the process to receive a new boiler under this scheme, applicants will need an assessor to survey their home to make sure it qualifies for the scheme. Our team of experienced energy assessors are perfectly qualified to carry out this work in an efficient and professional manner. Time is running out though as the scheme ends in 2018 and the availability of funding is already running low.

What is the ECO Boiler Scheme?

Low income households can apply to have their old and inefficient boiler replaced by a new energy efficient one through this scheme which is funded by the major energy companies. Some people may also be eligible for a grant to have better insulation installed in their home to save energy and money. Once an individual or household has been accepted for the scheme, an assessor is sent to their house to look at its energy efficiency to see if replacing the boiler would have a significant impact. We can carry out these inspections with no cost to the applicant and our friendly, knowledgeable team members are always happy to answer any questions about making homes more energy efficient.

Who is it for?

People who are eligible for this scheme are either in households where all the working age residents earn less than £16,010 per annum and/or receive any of the following benefits:

  • Child tax credit
  • Working tax credit
  • Pension credit
  • Job seekers allowance
  • Universal credit
  • Employment and support allowance

As the energy savings achieved by installing a new boiler in a flat are not considered significant enough to warrant the grant, the people need to be living in a house rather than a flat. Also, the existing boiler needs to be around 10 years old or older to be inefficient enough to need replacing under this scheme.

There are dedicated websites to help people applying for this scheme but, as the scheme is due to end this year, potential applicants will need to hurry. If you are interested in applying for this scheme before it’s too late, simply Google ECO boiler scheme and choose a website to begin checking to see if you’re eligible.

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